BOCA Thread Lift

Boca (Italian for mouth)
These dissolvable threads revolutionise lip and mouth remodelling.  The goal is to better define the lip and mouth area, by lifting the angle of the mouth to address the sad mouth look, for example.

The design of the dissolvable Boca thread stimulates new collagen growth and promotes microcirculation in the treated area.  The treatment is minimally invasive, results are seen on the day with minimal down time and can be used in combination with dermal fillers.

BOCA is new minimally invasive threading technique that is transforming traditional lip and mouth remodelling. Well-defined fuller lips that reflect the natural contours is the goal of lip remodelling. Add to this the advantage of three years’ duration of effect and BOCA is the obvious choice. BOCA is not limited to lip remodelling, other areas that can be successfully treated include: lifting the angle of the mouth (eg. trout mouth), treatment of smoker wrinkles, filling of the nasolabial folds, filling of the marionette lines and filling of the chin fold.